We offer two distinct categories of products, each designed for specific needs and applications.

The first category includes Microturbines of various sizes, suitable for powering IoT systems. These microturbines are designed to work with both natural gas and technical gases, as well as water, with an energy generation capacity ranging from 30 W to 200 W.

The second category consists of a larger Turboexpander, with a power range from 3 kW to 50 kW. This device is ideal for generating energy in gas decompression stations, offering an efficient solution for large-scale energy recovery.

IoT system management

Gas Microturbine

Gas Microturbines enable real-time monitoring and control of gas networks, facilitating predictive maintenance and thus reducing maintenance costs, management costs, and CO2 emissions.

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Water Microturbine

Water Microturbines also enable real-time monitoring and control of the water network, with benefits in terms of pressure monitoring and control, leading to a reduction in water losses and mechanical stress on pipes.

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Power generation

Gas Turboexpander

The solution for power generation up to 50 kW by recovering the energy associated with gas expansion in gas pressure reduction stations.

The electrical energy thus obtained can be used, for example, for re-injection into the national grid or microgrid, or for powering heat pumps or for producing green hydrogen.

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